Road Fuels

Road Diesel / Derv

  • It can be called D.E.R.V., which means 'Diesel Engined Road Vehicle'.
  • It is also known as white diesel and has the same properties as gas oil.
  • It is used in road vehicles.
  • It is mainly clear in colour with a slight blue tinge.
  • It is low sulphur fuel
  • It has high vat rate of 23%


Unleaded Petrol

Unleaded Petrol is a 91octane (low octane) grade fuel that has not been treated with a lead compound (as required by legislation 1986). All vehicles produced since that date must use unleaded fuel. The liquid and vapour are extremely flammable. The vapour may cause dizziness. It has a strong odour & either colourless or light amber in colour.

  • It has high vat rate of 23%

M & J KELLEHER Ltd supply unleaded petrol to filling stations in the Cork/Kerry region.


Agricultural Diesel/Marked Gas Oil/MGO

  • Gas oil is known as Agricultural, Green or Tractor diesel.
  • It is green in colour and can be known as 35 sec oil.
  • It is illegal to use Gas Oil as a fuel in road vehicles.
  • It can no longer be used for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM).
  • It has a low vat rate of 13.5%


Sulphur Free Gas Oil (SFGO)

Sulphur Free Gas Oil was introduced as a result of the Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC , Regulation Transposing Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC details here

  • SFGO is a Gas Oil which has a much lower sulphur level of only 10 parts per million (10ppm).
  • This fuel is used for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) such as tractors, plant, quarrying & forestry equipment.
  • It is dyed a paler green than marked gas oil.
  • Due to the low sulphur content this fuel is better for the environment.
  • Some modern tractors now specifically require this product. It is illegal to use SFGO to fuel on the road vehicles.
  • It has a low vat rate of 13.5%


Material Data sheets and Product Specification sheets are available for the above